Work-Life Supports Key to Employee Satisfaction

Work-Life Supports Key to Employee Satisfaction

Work-Life Supports Key to Employee Satisfaction

Increased globalization, competition, and rates of change cause the lines between our personal and professional lives to crisscross with the complexity of wires on a circuit board. We struggle to achieve balance and increasingly rely on our employers to guide us through the chaos.

The Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index® has been collecting data on physical and emotional health, healthy behavior, productivity, and work environment from American workers since 2008. Results from the index’s 2011 publication indicate workers’ attitudes toward work and work environments are more negative than ever before.

Key decision makers within organizations are realizing how important work-life supports are. Examples of supports include environment flexibility, flex time and group health initiatives. Factors like these directly affect employee productivity and creativity, and business outcomes.

“Senior executives report that providing work-life supports contributes to employee engagement, productivity, cost savings, attraction, and retention,” writes Dr. Tracy Brower, Director of Performance Environments for Herman Miller, in a recent article in The Leader. “In particular, senior executives believe that providing work-life supports sends a strong message to their employees that the company cares about them.”

Dr. Brower’s study of Fortune 100 and 500 company C-suite executives—representing 1.2 million employees— concludes that work-life supports directly influence a company’s profitability, growth, brand, stock price, and level of employee engagement.

It’s clear that work-life supports are integral to both an organization’s success and to employee well-being. Companies must carefully consider a number of factors when devising and implementing work-life support strategies.

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