Canton Fair

Canton Fair

   During the five-day exhibition period, Le Office Furniture Manufacturer had received from the United States, Germany, South Korea, Venezuela, Brazil, Spain, Australia, Indonesia, Iran, Russia, Bulgaria and other countries on five continents over 20 customers, turnover intention 200 more than one million dollars. By the global economic downturn, the Canton Fair to be double the number and volume of transactions appear to decline, but the furniture market bucked the trend, which is derived from the Kang also Kin adhere to innovation, continuous improvement of product quality and always focus on customer needs, providing customers The results provide comprehensive after-sales service. Division I seize the favorable opportunity, carefully prepared, positive action, set up a project team during pre-show preparations, as the Group Vice President Liu Guofeng total charge of exhibition, good Booth, booth design, exhibition design, production, product knowledge training, new and old customers invitation documents for exhibitors, materials contract preparation, English company website promotion, trade Products rearranged, etc., to the best state to meet the best image of the show.
   During the Fair, Le Office Furniture Manufacturer relevant departments received businessmen from around the world, the company chairman, Mr. Rong Feng for visiting foreign warmly welcomed. He outlined the company profile, and accompanied visitors who visited the company Products introduces the company's new product development, the product on the part of the performance testing and experience. Our products for foreign spoke highly of our products interested in. In the negotiations, Mr. Rong Feng depth and Russian businessmen to jointly develop the Russian market, Russia reached an initial agreement to export matters.
   Le Office Furniture Manufacturer chairman Mr. Rong peak reached in consultation with a number of foreign cooperation intentions, and entered into a strategic partnership with Russian businessmen. The negotiations, the company expanded in foreign markets overall competitiveness.
Fair Although only a short five days each, but each time the show is experience, it is a growing, Le Office Furniture Manufacturer east Fair will take another trade new glory!

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