Qur Eames chair

Qur Eames chair

American husband and wife designers Charles (Charles, 1907-1978) and Ray Eames · (Ray Eames, 1912-1988) is the 20th century's most influential designers, is a modern architectural design, furniture and industrial design, etc. Pioneer designer. They design firm opened in 1946, in 1947 joined the famous Miller brought startlingly ambitious end of 1949 - Eames lounge chair and ottoman. In addition to their representative Eames lounge chair and ottoman, and Eames office chairs, Eames dining armchairs, dining chairs and laminate wooden bikini chairs. This design world there are hundreds of stalls super couple works by major museums permanent collection. Eames and his wife are the perfect 20th century American design community a couple, depending on the division of labor, mainly from the perspective of James technologies, materials and production to consider the issue, but mine are more concerned with form, space and aesthetics. This combination will help them structure, function, psychological, aesthetic, and cultural and many other issues combined throughout all aspects of product design. Their design practice has greatly enriched the theory of modern design. Eames Chair Eames Chair Chair stylish chair in 1950, Charles and Ray Eames is facing a new challenge, and they want to design one that is both economical, but also lightweight and rugged, but also high-quality chairs. Plastic inspired by the Eiffel Tower in France, they use steel bending and forming manufacturing this classic dining chairs, beautiful appearance and practical features make the Eiffel Chair immediately popular, popular ever since.

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