About Le Furniture

About Le Furniture

Le furniture manufacturers is an emphasis on humanism, focusing on the development and application of modern ergonomic furniture, innovative companies. The company is committed to creating a healthy, harmonious and comfortable working and living environment. Headquartered in Foshan.
Since its inception in 1995, Le furniture is very focused on the development and application of modern ergonomic furniture, modern furniture, think things should be served on the person rather than the person served in the matter, "man" is the furniture user, with full respect for "human The "design, the design is reasonable; humane considerations modern furniture, is to make" people "living and working in a healthy and comfortable environment, and ultimately achieve a balance of work and rest, the ideal state of harmony. People thought the furniture in Le fully understood and seriously practice. Reasonable basis for data parsing human interaction with the environment, Le furniture gradually from "product design" to "design life." Its products are more beneficial to human environment, rational functions, comfortable to use, people can take the initiative to adapt to the use of the static and fatigue to a minimum, to improve the efficiency of work and study. Le furniture while adhering to continuously improve.
Ingenuity of 20 years, due to the professional dedication and wonderful. In the fast-growing company in order to brand building as the core of innovation has been the direction of development. Company brand roots ergonomic chairs, children's furniture, office furniture, library furniture field for many years, to promote people-oriented, first post too, professional and enterprising, entrepreneurial spirit harmony, and fulfill corporate social responsibility, to be sure the community, created the industry's leading position.
Future, Le furniture will be the best platform for modern furniture supply target, so that more people enjoy the humane quality products and services, Rio Tinto national brand road to power.

Article: entrepreneurship
People-oriented, the first post too, professional spirit, harmony.
Article: Business Vision
China aims to become the best modern furniture supply platform, continue to provide customers with products and services, we strive to get involved in the first segment of the market have done.
Article: corporate mission
Committed to providing high-quality modern furniture products and services, customer trust, socially responsible, the most valuable and influential industry outstanding enterprises.
Article IV: Quality
The quality of survival, to have confidence in the quality, the quality of a brand name.
Article: Stakeholders
Customer: The customer is the source of the value of Le furniture. Le furniture with high-quality products and services to increase customer value and win customer satisfaction, trust and loyalty.
Staff: The staff is Le furniture. Recognition of enterprise culture, a sense of responsibility, with a spirit of cooperation and good at learning and innovation of the staff is the greatest asset Le furniture, Le furniture employee efforts to achieve development and prosperity, so that employees and businesses grow.
Partners: Partners are Le furniture business partners. Le furniture promote competition and cooperation on the basis of equality and mutual benefit, strategic alliances, achieve win-win and shared values.
Shareholder: shareholder is the source of Le furniture industry. Le furniture expanding value-added space, efforts to reduce investment risk and achieve a reasonable return, ensure that the interests of shareholders and maximize the long-term.

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Le Office Furniture Manufacturer


Address: No.12, Nanhua Road, LongJiang ,Shunde,Foshan, Guangdong, China (Mainland)

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