Louis Ghost Chair thick acrylic plastic chairs leisure chair

Model Number: LE-1084


Louis Ghost chair design style from the eighteenth century French craftsmanship known [Louis XV] Art Deco style that mainly in the eighteenth century French fine wood furniture, and then turn to a lot of embellishment Louis XV World royal and noble residence rococo variety of new products on the most delicate. Each family was popular with at least two sets of furniture, with a summer, a winter use. Furniture with a view both functional and beautiful. Chairs with curved legs and flower decoration. In addition to the natural scenery and oriental themes, the fantasy theme accounted for a large part of the decorative theme. All surfaces are furnished with exotic animals and plants of the image richly decorated. Often take the rare species such as tulips, lemon and violet and other valuable trees in order to obtain the effect of luxurious extravagance Korea, also imported texture is extremely rich, glamorous color marble. Polishing technology has reached its peak during this period, almost rivaling the Far art treasures.
Multiple choice of polycarbonate Louis Ghost chair by one casting production, this material has a strong chemical stability and impact resistance, the shape of the chair is also very elegant and simple and impressive transparent material and color suitable for any home or in public areas, Philippe Starck [Philippe Starck] after, there have been a variety of styles of ghost chair.
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