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Because Space Matters, A Good Designer Matters

Because Space Matters, A Good Designer Matters


A company’s workplace communicates their brand and vision. The good ones mirror a unique culture and attract people, giving them a place to collaborate and work comfortably. Others send a mixed brand message, stifle creativity, and prevent good work from happening. What makes the difference?

Space is a canvas. And the arranged elements—furniture, layout, colors, etc.—can help people do their best work or send them running to the nearest coffee shop. The difference, in many cases, is a good designer.

Rick Edwards has worked as an interior designer for more than 36 years. Along the way, he’s helped design everything from 200,000-square-foot corporate headquarters to 200-square-foot offices—and learned how to articulate the impact a good interior designer can make on a workplace.

When asked why working with an interior designer (or, as many call him, an “interior architect”) is important, Rick uses a simple analogy: “Even with the best ingredients, best tools, and most exotic spices, it takes a true master chef to make something special. The same is true for office design.”



“A space represents a company’s dreams and aspirations. It represents who they are, and who they hope to be.”

- Rick Edwards


Rick acknowledges that his most successful offices are rarely planned alone; they are, in fact, the result of a partnership. “I listen to what a client needs and dreams to have, interpreting intangibles into physical space. I take what they want and translate it into what they need by using proven strategies for designing places that people like to be in.”

He continued, “I like to work with people who are ambitious and curious – those who put as much passion into creating their space as they do into building their business."

Of course, Rick is not oblivious to the budget constraints that cause many businesses—especially small and medium businesses—to take on their own office planning. He understands the monetary challenges, yet would argue that the power of a well-designed workspace is always worth the investment.

“A space that represents a company’s dreams and aspirations also attracts the people who will fit the company’s culture,” Rick said. “The space represents who they are, and who they hope to be.”

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