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The Concentration Killer: Multitasking

The Concentration Killer: Multitasking

The Concentration Killer: Multitasking

In a superhuman effort to know and do more in less time, small business workers are so "good" at multitasking it becomes habit. But research shows it’s a habit that would be far better to break.

The truth of multitasking is that instead of doing two or more tasks at once, the brain actually toggles between whatever tasks are under way. And the number of distractions a worker encounters in a given day only makes matters worse.

A report from Basex quantified the cost of interruptions. It found that the average knowledge worker loses 2.1 hours per day to "unimportant interruptions or distractions." What’s more, 45 percent of U.S. workers believe they are expected to work on too many things at once.

Quite simply, workers need the mental and physical space to think. In fact, the number-one predictor of job performance and satisfaction is the ability to concentrate in one’s own workplace. Learn more about the implications of multitasking here.

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