Company Timeline

Company Timeline

The company's development process, but also the management team and the management philosophy gradually explore and improve the process, summarize development of the company experienced three historical phases, can fully feel the Let Back Rest company's past success every step of the solid and steady development of confidence in the future.
First stage: the creation and exploration (1995 to 2001)
From the early start the process until the gradual establishment of three major areas of product direction, the company formed a research and development as the core competitiveness of enterprise competitive advantage.
Second stage: independent research and development, leading (2002 to 2008)
The past five years, the company focused on research and development to maintain and expand the marketing network on the basis of steady growth has won various financial indicators to determine the leading position in the domestic industry.
Third stage: the development and diversification of international professional field (2009-present)
Entered a new era of rapid development, with the company's successful restructuring, the company seize the opportunity to develop a diversified steady development path of international development and professional fields.

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Le Office Furniture Manufacturer

Address: No.12, Nanhua Road, LongJiang ,Shunde,Foshan, Guangdong, China (Mainland)


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