innovative dsp office chair korea ergonomic made in china

Model Number: LE-877-1


1, the height of the headrest can be adjusted up and down freely, suitable for different height, can also be detachable
2, double back design unique event, double back activities can close hold back, reduce pressure on the spine of body weight (double back against the swing when the body is adjusted according to the user, and resilience capacity is also very good)
3, the back frame and the metal frame of nylon injection perfect combination, increase the aesthetics, lower back has DSP made in korea ensure genuine
4, seat height and backrest free lift lock function freely pour Yang, elastic intensity adjustment function
5, triangular M armrest, continuation of nylon and metal bonding, increased viewing also increases the stability of the armrests
6, using advanced foam sponge cushion (stereotypes sponge), ride comfort and durability. Unique W-shaped bump cushion design close to the body weight of the dispersion pressure, it will not slip forward seated
7, advanced casters polyurethane (PU) material, to absorb weight distribution, to prevent scratching the floor
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